Hello dear visitors! Below is our weekly selection of interesting news, trends, and events taking place in the crypto world and that we find interesting!


The German-speaking countries of Switzerland and Germany are known for their cautious yet productive and, in general, welcoming attitude to crypto assets. For sure, they are not Salvador and have not accepted BTC as a fully legal tender. Nevertheless, their legal and investment-related experiments with Bitcoin continue. 

Last Monday, we heard one more piece of positive news! A multi-billion asset management company located in Frankfurt, Union Investment, announced that they would integrate BTC into some of their investment funds within a new pilot framework proposed to institutional clients. If it happens, it would be an important and giant step for the industry. 

By the way, as always, Evercode would be happy to collaborate with new DACH customers!


El Salvador became the world’s first nation that fully accepted and legalized BTC as a legal tender! Even though this did help the temporarily plummeting market, this news is still good for crypto investors, the entire industry, and as a consequence for Evercode Lab!  


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are likely to revolutionize everything. The gaming industry is no exception. This is the most obvious conclusion one can draw from this piece of Wednesday news. According to COINTELEGRAPH, the world of ‘play-to-earn’ is experiencing a full-fledged boom. One of the indicators of this positive trend is that such startups as Crypto Gaming United and Zebedee successfully closed their “funding rounds of $5 million and $11.5 million respectively”.

The first company is intending to build a worldwide ‘community of nonfungible token (NFT)-focused play-to-earn gamers’. The ambitious plans of the second company are also far-reaching! It is going to make it possible for ‘developers to pay out rewards to players in the form of crypto assets.’ 

We at Evercode Lab are always happy to enjoy such news. The greater the ongoing crypto revolution is, the more projects we will implement!


Solana, Ethereum’s top competitor, is on the rise! As Cryptonews reported, the SOL token based on the Solana smart contract, “continued its relentless surge higher in the market”. Back then it reached the 6th position as the most valuable digital asset.

We know the world of Ethereum very well! At the same time, we love new challenges! So if you want to experiment with new promising crypto assets and need a reliable blockchain partner for that, contact us ASAP! 


BTC Manager offers a list of criteria one should apply while choosing a proper crypto exchange service. It includes:

– A sufficient selection of cryptocurrencies must be available 

– Fees should not be excessive 

– UI must be informative, clean, and convenient-to-use

– The tool to are going to use should be well-adapted to mobile devices 

– Such crypto exchange services should be protected and secure 

– Customer support is also a must

The team of Evercode Lab, for sure, does not run its own exchanges, so point No2 with adequate fees and No6 with responsive customer services are out of our reach. At the same time, as a software development company focused on blockchain and building crypto solutions, we totally agree with this list.

In fact, we pursued a similar while delivering all our exchange-related projects! Look at this one for example!