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case 3

Aggregator of exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers

We developed a service that helps to find the best exchange rate and provides information about exchanges and exchangers.
2 months
React.js, Redux.js,
Node.js, Web3.js
React.js (mobile layout)

About project

The service aggregates information from thirty exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers, helps a user to find the best rates of the currency pair and find out the reputation of the exchange among other users.


An easy-to-use service that requires minimal action from the client.


To make a simple service - is to save user from extra actions and reflections while using the functionality of the service.

It's simple: you choose a currency pair, an amount for exchange and you get a list of exchangers and exchanges, which sorted by relevance. You can go to any of them with one click.

Exchanges and exchangers can be filtered by three criteria: the exchange rate, anonymity and internal service charges. As a result, the user sees shortlist of exchanges whose conditions are suitable for him.

The search for rates is performed asynchronously by more than thirty exchanges and exchangers. Caching rates is time-balanced to allow the user to receive fresh rates and not load the server at the same time.

The admin console is used for management list of pairs and exchange services.

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