The Evercode Lab team offers you to check out our regular crypto news digest. As usual, we have collected several optimistic and positive headlines. Once again, this post is a reminder that web3 is our common future.


In spite of the recent difficulties — defined as a “crypto winter” by many observers — people in Argentina still view crypto as a hedge against inflation. Indeed, Argentina’s inflation rate exceeds 60%. As a result, people look for alternatives, and some adopt crypto. As of now, “crypto penetration” in Argentina is as high as 12%. To put that into perspective, it is 5% in Peru, 6% in Mexico, and 7% in Brazil. 


Various industries in Dubai are experimenting with crypto. The travel and hospitality sector is no exception. The 5-star Manor Hotel located in the ‘luxurious area of Al Furjan’ is getting ready to accept ETH, BTC and the Binance stablecoin as payment. Such payments can be made via the hotel’s website. Great news for wealth crypto owners. 


Prada makes a unique offer to fashionistas and web3 savvies. The well-known high-end brand presents its fresh Timecapsule NFT Collection. Each drop will include ‘both a gender-neutral physical product and a gifted NFT.’ Fashion is getting tokenized right before our eyes. 


Great news for the fans of burritos living in the US! Chipotle, a major food chain, has entered into a collaboration with Flexa. The latter is a digital payment platform, making it possible for the Chipotle stores to accept digital assets! It is getting hotter and hotter! 


As The Hollywood Reporter says, the Looney Tunes characters will soon be tokenized as NFTs by Warner Bros.: Tweety is going to be the first one to get special NFT treatment. As Josh Hackbarth, head of NFT development for Warner Bros. says, “We think that blockchain and NFTs and web3 in general is going to be a great evolution in entertainment.” This statement is hard to disagree with!