The Evercode White Label Crypto Wallet for businesses is well-known for its reliable NFT feature. We added this functionality for a very simple reason: we recognize the enormous potential associated with non-fungible tokens. Thus, we are closely watching all the relevant trends across any applicable sector. Today, our team will share some findings concerning one of the most booming domains of the NFT world, namely, social media.  

Non-fungible tokens and the Everchain White Label Wallet

Being capable of storing and trading NFTs is one of the key factors that make Everchain Crypto Wallet so popular. Indeed, with this new type of assets, such industries as sports, music and show business, streamers and celebrities, computer games and cyber sports are obtaining new leverage to earn, market themselves, and create additional powerful links with their target groups of fans consumers. 

Here is the list of social media experimenting with NFTs: 

As NFT now puts it, unequivocally, we are living in times when almost every social media company is adding ‘NFT features.’ Why are they doing this and why should you do it, too, if you manage a social network project? There are two main factors at play here:

  • You will win more customers. People love collectibles, it is our nature. Thus, they are attracted to these unique assets. There are more and more of them. Back in 2020, there were 545,000 NFT trading wallets. How many are there now? Guess what, there are 2.38 million daily unique active wallets! So be sure, your NFT feature will certainly be popular! 
  • It is all about NFT monetization. Your end-users are willing to pay fees for NFT functionalities. There is no point in missing these opportunities! 

Advantages of the Evercode White Label Wallet 

Besides NFTs, our WL Solution has every crypto feature your social media project might require: 

  • 6 supported blockchains with coins and countless tokens
  • Sending and receiving crypto assets 
  • Buying and selling 
  • Instant exchanges 
  • Integration with dApps 

Reach out to us to launch your social media project with a top-notch crypto wallet solution for businesses!