Launching a new IT project can be challenging, but a proper action plan will help you successfully get through all stages of development and implementation. Here are the main steps to consider when starting a new IT project:

  1. Define project goals and objectives
    Before the development, it’s crucial to precisely define the project’s goals and objectives, alongside identifying the target audience. This will help guide you in choosing the technology and tools for the project.
  2. Market research and competitor analysis
    Study the market you are entering and analyze your competitors. This will allow you to understand what solutions already exist and find your unique niche.
  3. Create a technical assignment
    A technical assignment is a document that describes the requirements for the product, its functional capabilities, and limitations. It will help the development team understand the task better and properly plan the development process.
  4. Choose technologies and tools
    Depending on the project’s goals and objectives, pick suitable technologies and tools for development and testing. This may include a programming language, a framework, a DBMS, and other tools.
  5. Create a prototype and MVP
    Develop a product prototype or a minimum viable product (MVP) that will allow you to estimate the capabilities and functionality of the project. This will help make adjustments at the early stages of development and reduce risks.
  6. Testing and debugging
    Make comprehensive product testing for compliance with the technical assignment requirements. Fix all the detected bugs to improve the product quality.
  7. Implementation and support
    Launch the project and set up technical support for users. Evaluate the project efficiency and make necessary improvements based on user feedback. Remember to stay in close communication and collaboration with the project development team, keeping an eye on emerging trends.


In the article, we have tried covering the major steps and recommendations to launch a new IT project. Following these guidelines will help you to start a successful project launch within the shortest possible time and achieve all your goals.