In some European countries, including Nordic nations, Wednesday is celebrated as a ‘Little Saturday.’  It is a great day to relax a little and hang out with your friends and teammates. To observe this tradition, we have decided to collect and post some fun facts about crypto. No, there will be nothing about ​​Bitcoin Pizza Day on this list. 

  1. Do you have access to your crypto assets? Lucky you! At least, you are luckier than all those owners of 3.7 million BTC that are likely to be lost forever. Think of it! There can be no over 21 million Bitcoins. And a significant portion of this enormous crypto wealth is lost forever. 
  2. Once, back in 2013, a British crypto miner accidentally threw away his hard drive. There were as many as 7,500 BTC stored there. Subsequently, he tried to retrieve the hard drive in the local landfill, but the local authorities did not allow him to do so. 
  3. Real estate in virtual universes is a growing market. Back in 2021, the metaverse called’ ​​The Sandbox’ generated $350 million with 65,000 transactions. Yes, people do buy digital land parcels. The second best virtual world is Decentraland. There, ‘only 21,000’ were made with as ‘little’ as $110 million. 
  4. BTC was introduced in 2007 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the very first idea of P2P digital assets capable of avoiding being tracked was born back in 1983 by David Chaum, an IT expert. 
  5. As Coin ATM Radar says, there are almost 38,000 ATMs over the globe. Guess how many of them are located in the US? Around 33,000! Do you know how many countries have a single location only?
    Here is the list: Ghana, Aruba, Venezuela, Barbados, Botswana, Cambodia, Djibouti, Uganda, Paraguay, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lithuania, Malaysia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Indonesia, Latvia, and Kenya.