Today, system security is a very important item, especially in the fintech industry. Every short period of time we get news from the IT world that a hack has been made or company/user money has been stolen and so on.
Evercode Lab makes a breakthrough in its products and presents a unique solution in the market for businesses dealing with sensitive data that need to ensure a high level of security and reliability.

We introduce Evervault, a technology for securely storing, managing and utilizing securitized data within a company. It provides secure storage and access to data, and the ability to use that data in pre-approved scenarios without disclosing access to the information itself.

The benefits and uses of the Evervault include:

  1. Secure data storage: the technology provides a secure repository for sensitivities, ensuring that data is encrypted and safe from unauthorized access.
  2. Secure data usage: the technology allows sensitives data to be used without direct access within automated scenarios, minimizing the risks of leaks and unauthorized access.
  3. Regulatory compliance: technology helps companies comply with data protection legislation and standards, ensuring high confidentiality and integrity of information.
  4. Increase business efficiency: The technology automates sensitive data processes to reduce process time and increase business productivity.

The Evervault technology already has a positive track record of implementation and utilization – in a large blockchain fintech company.

Let’s look at this case study to see how Evervault’s technology solved one of the key problems in our partner’s company – ensuring the secure management of the company’s cryptocurrencies.

Evervault – Use Case in crypto asset management.

This case represents a paradigm shift in crypto asset management, offering a fusion of top-tier security, rapid transactions, and streamlined control, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Tailored for companies prioritizing maximum asset protection yet requiring seamless access to funds, our solution sets a new standard for security in the industry.

At its core, Evervault technology operates as a “warm wallet,” accessible online for swift transactions to approved addresses, while ensuring exclusive access to private keys for the owner alone. This fundamental distinction sets it apart from hot wallets, susceptible to hacks, and cold wallets, which demand intricate management and grant private key access solely to the owner of business.

Key Advantages of this use case:

  1. Unparalleled Security: Sole ownership of private keys ensures maximum security. Leveraging multiple encryption methods, our service authorizes transactions with the utmost integrity.
  2. Flexible Accessibility: Seamlessly add users and configure permissions within the platform, all while adhering to a strict zero-access policy concerning private keys.
  3. Multi-Cryptocurrency Support: Compatible with a range of networks including ETH, BTC, TRX, BSC, and associated tokens, with the ability to accommodate additional networks upon request.
  4. Streamlined Cash Flow Management: Transactions are restricted to pre-approved addresses, minimizing the risk of unauthorized fund transfers.
  5. Custom Infrastructure Deployment: Deploy the service on your servers, ensuring peace of mind against potential breaches and maintaining full control over security measures.

Our company has done a major work to implement the technology into the technical processes and business processes of our partner. With the Evervault, we provided the partner with high security of its assets and maximum flexibility in their use.

In fact, Evervault technology caters to a diverse array of businesses, including exchanges, trading services, lending platforms, investment funds, and liquidity providers, all seeking a secure and efficient means of managing their crypto assets. Our service offers a white-label solution complete with comprehensive integration guidance, ongoing support throughout and post-integration phases, and the flexibility to configure roles and permissions to align with your business requirements.

In a landscape where security is paramount, Evervault stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering businesses to safeguard their assets with confidence and control.

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