In the coming weeks, our team will make a big push forward. Our White Label Crypto Wallet is already in high demand among crypto entrepreneurs and web3 companies. Soon, we will release a White Label crypto exchange. This WL platform will make it possible for you to swiftly obtain and run your crypto exchange platform, under their logo. We assume this platform will also become popular! Below, we attempt to clarify why we think so. 

Crypto Exchange Market Now

As of now, there are roughly 600 cryptocurrency exchanges in existence, according to Forbes Advisor. While the volume of transactions may vary, as crypto prices fluctuate. However, recently, the total daily spot trade volume was as high as $67 billion. 

The lion’s share of the trade volume, 79%, is processed by the TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchanges. More than that, as much as 63% is controlled by the TOP-4 exchanges. However, even under these circumstances, a crypto exchange carrying your logo can claim your share of the remaining volume. If you think of the sheer size of the market, even this seemingly tiny share might give you a lot of money. 

How Traders Choose Crypto Exchanges

To claim your share and successfully monetize your crypto exchange platform, you need to win enough customers. Hence, you need to be sure that the functionalities offered by your WL exchange product of choice match traders’ expectations. As you will see below, these expectations are not that high: 

According to BDC Consulting, the most typical priorities are as follows:

  • 54.26% appreciate ‘deposit and withdrawal time’
  • 53.18% pay attention to fees charged by exchanges
  • 44.50% assume the amount of available exchange pairs is extremely important 
  • Finally, 37.21% place emphasis on user-friendliness of the interface

You can be sure that each of these needs will be fully covered by the white label crypto exchange solution we are about to release. Stay tuned! Soon we will post a detailed description of it.