2021 has been a pivotal and eventful year for blockchain technologies, crypto assets, and web 3.0 in general. It might be not an exaggeration to say that this year has been, so far, the second most important period after 2009.

Evercode Lab’s team successfully capitalized on new emerging opportunities. So it would be reasonable to point out a range of breakthroughs of great importance to us and our peers.

Milestone No 1. Investment Records

Digital assets have become an enormously popular industry to invest money in! As Bloomberg reports, “venture capital funds” have already contributed roughly $30 billion to the crypto world as investments. This figure exceeds the total investments that have been made “in all previous years combined!”

Milestone No 2. Highest Market Capitalization

Back in November 2021, the total capitalization of the crypto market reached its all-time high! Owing to the growing interest for dApps, DeFi, NFTs, altcoins, etc., the market cap, back then, exceeded $3 trillion!

Milestone No 3. Solana’s Breakthrough 

Blockchain scalability issues have been one of the main impediments in the way of wider crypto adoption. Be it 7 TSP, 15 TSP, or even 100 TSP, it is still not enough to make crypto assets a full-fledged legal tender.

This is exactly the problem Solana intends to address! We have already published a post about this blockchain. Below, we just want to cite a couple of figures. 

According to Investopedia, Solana can 

  • Handle as many as 50K transactions every second
  • Keep its average cost per transaction low, at the level of $0.00025
  • Offer a breathtaking horizon with its architecture promising “a theoretical upper limit of 710,000 transactions per second (TPS) on a standard Gigabit network”
  • Be proud of its skyrocketing growth in 2021! As of now, it is ranked fifth, after only BTC, ETH, BNB, and Tether. 
  • SOL cost $1.5 a year ago. It rose to $260 in November 2021. As of now, even after a recent drop, it still costs over $180! 

It is our pleasure to remind you that this asset is totally compatible with the Evercode White Label Wallet!

Milestone No 4. Expansion of dApps, DeFi, and NFTs 

2021 Dapp Industry Report prepared and published by DappRadar is straightforward: 2021 has been a year of unprecedented progress and outstanding results for the sector.  Among other achievements, it mentions the following facts: 

  • First, there are much more “daily unique active wallets connected to dapps” now than a year ago. As of now, we have 2.7 million unique users, which is 7 times more  
  • Second, DeFi has also experienced a similar growth trend. Right now, TVL aka “TOTAL VALUE LOCKED” is over $200 billion, which is, again, 7 times more than a year ago 
  • Third, NFTs can be viewed as the phenomenon of the year! According to DappRada, this emerging market generated more than $23 billion in terms of the trading volume.

Once again, we are more than happy to know that our Evercode White Label Crypto Wallet can help you effectively navigate in this lucrative market, as you can benefit from dApps, decentralized finance and staking, as well as store and manage your NFTs. 

Milestone No 5. Wider acceptance and adoption of crypto 

Last year, beyond any doubt, the blockchain industry had to go through several setbacks. The most painful one was the new tougher policy initiated by the PRC. However, the ultimate balance sheet still ends in credit.

After all, 2021 will be remembered as a year when BTC was acknowledged as a legal tender in the first sovereign state ever. We believe that the entire industry, including us, appreciates the decision made by El Salvador.

Many other economic agents followed suit. As Crunchbase reminds us, banking entities, insurance players, payment services, endowment funds, retailers, etc. are gradually revising their skeptical attitudes to crypto and start using it!


All the problems and issues notwithstanding, 2021 was a productive year for blockchain in general and crypto in particular!

Evercode Lab is determined to capitalize on all these positive trends to the fullest extent possible. Next year, we will deliver new custom-built solutions, continue to develop our products, start new partnerships, and enter new markets. Yes, 2021 has been an amazing year, yet there are still a lot of much greater achievements ahead!