Evercode’s efforts have been acknowledged by CryptoRunner! Their team included the Everchain White Label Wallet for companies in the list of the main crypto tools one needs to consider this year. We have been delighted to receive this feedback. Indeed, we have done our best to make our non-custodial wallet for crypto coins and tokens a top pick for crypto businesses. As we believe, we offer a noteworthy range of functionalities every business would be happy to use to monetize.


According to CryptoRunner, the Everchain White Label Wallet makes it possible for our customers to ‘obtain an advanced and secure tool to store and manage their coins, tokens, and NFTs under their brand, quickly and cost-effectively’. This is not without reason. Our wallet makes several hundreds digital assets, 50K exchange pairs, and Visa and MasterCard integration easily available. On top of that, CryptoRunner also mentions the fact that our wallet can be seamlessly integrated with dApps and DeFi solutions.

Finally, the Everchain White Label Wallet provides such benefits as:

  • End-to-end cycle of operations as sending, storing, and exchanging crypto assets
  • Instant purchases and exchanges
  • Comprehensive transaction histories
  • Mnemonic phrases
  • Capability to restore wallets
  • Crypto staking
  • Built-in integrations with ChangeNOW, Simplex, and Guardarian
  • Lightning support

On top of that, custom-delivered wallets can be quickly built not only as an iOS and Android app, but also as a web application.

Finally, to make our solution as cost-effective as possible, with all unique business requirements of a particular company taken into consideration, our solution is available with one of the following editions:

  • Lite for small businesses
  • Medium is a top choice if you need an MVP
  • PRO

If you agree with CryptoRunner and are ready to explore the opportunities generated by Evercode White Label Wallet, do not hesitate to book a demo!