The Evercode Lab team offers an entire range of beneficial advantages to those who choose our White Label Crypto Wallet Solution for businesses. The list of potential integrations is one of the most important benefits it generates. Namely, we can connect your crypto wallet with a decentralized application or several dApps at once. Why is it so important? Today, we are going to post an overview of the dApp segment. As you can see below, this is a promising direction to go. 


dApp: Trends and Developments  


The word ‘dApps’, as you are likely to know already, means ‘decentralized apps.’ Plainly speaking, the word is used to describe the apps that can work autonomously and independently, on a blockchain basis. Instead of a single service provider, such decentralized applications are fueled by smart contracts.


Why have dApps already won a lot of customers and developers across multiple industries? It is not without reason!

There are a range of simple reasons for that.

  • First, many dApp users view absolute freedom as a valuable asset. This is why they appreciate the fact that decentralized apps are more resilient to censorship, as there is simply no single center of control. Thus, it is extremely difficult for anyone to exercise full control over such apps. 
  • The same holds true for their stability and reliability. There is literally no single point of failure that can ‘deactivate’ dApps. 
  • For many adopters of web 3 tech, participation is an important priority. As dApps are open source products, hence, the development process is quicker and more engaging. 
  • More protection for users’ personal data, as you do not have to enter sensitive info to use a dApp 
  • Total data integrity, with info stored on blockchains being indisputable and immutable 

As of today, there are over 4,000 dApps in existence. As you can see below, most of them run on ETH. 

  • Ethereum with 2,970 apps, 48.01k daily active users, and 103.99k daily transactions    
  • EOS.IO protocol with 332 dApps, 44.58k daily active users, and 339.67k
  • Binance Smart Chain with 244 dApps 
  • TRON with 89 dApps 
  • Klaytn with 83 decentralized apps 

As for the leading ETH dApp categories, they are as follows in terms of daily transactions: 

  • Finance with 597k transactions 
  • Exchanges with 468k transactions
  • Security with 227k transactions 
  • Games with 100k transactions 
  • Development with 54k transactions
  • Gambling with 51k transactions 

Whatever your preferred blockchain and purpose of your dApp might be, feel free to ask us to integrate a dApp with your edition of the White Label wallet.