In spite of the recent volatility, crypto is being increasingly adopted across numerous sectors. Such an unpredictable field as betting and gambling is no exception. Today is Wednesday. It is a fine moment to cite several interesting figures highlighting this trend.

Crypto Gambling and Betting: Key Stats   

Recently, SOFTSWISS, a leading vendor of software solutions for online gambling and betting, published an informative report. In comparison with Jan 2021, when the share of crypto bets was low as 23%, in Dec 2021 it reached 40.1%.

What is behind this growth?

First, there are more and more crypto gamblers. As says, on the basis of info provided by the world’s largest platforms, over the first half of 2021, ‘the cryptocurrency user population’ rose to 221 million from 106 million. 

Second, the market is expanding rapidly. In 2023, the size of the online gambling industry is projected to be as big as $92.9 billion, compared with only $58.9 billion back in 2019.

Third, crypto gamblers prefer the most trusted and expensive crypto assets

  • BTC with 80.11%
  • ETH with 9.88%
  • LTC with 4.52%

As you can see, the prospects of the market are promising. So if you want to try your luck in this business, consider investing in crypto.