Sooner or later, most businesses will have to adopt crypto. At least, this is what the recent report by Insider Intelligence supposes. Back in 2021, the total value of all crypto transactions reached $6.10 billion, in comparison with ‘only’ $2.20 billion in 2020. This 177.3% growth is more than impressive. As for 2023, the current projection is expected to reach $16.16 billion, as more and more companies start experimenting with digital currencies as payment options. To get ready for this fundamental shift in advance, your business needs to understand what kind of crypto solution it needs. In this piece, we would like to share our perspective and highlight several advantages of the Everchain White Label Wallet for businesses. 

Shifting Crypto Patterns 

Let’s take the US as a trend setter to evaluate the changing landscape. As other data provided by Business Intelligence suggests,  America’s crypto owners are starting to use their digital coins to buy goods and services on an unprecedented scale.

  • 30% of the local crypto owners claim they have already purchased something online 
  • 21% of them use digital currencies for in-store purchases
  • 25% of crypto owners are inclined to deal with crypto-friendly merchants 

These positive trend is now supported and reinforced by such positive factors as

  • Crypto-friendly legislation in numerous states
  • Greater accessibility of crypto assets ensured by brokers, ATMs, and exchanges 
  • FOMO factor and fashion 
  • More and more available merchants who are ready to accept crypto 
  • Crypto-friendly policies of tech giants and some celebrities 

In these conditions, using a crypto wallet is a must for any growing and ambitious business 

How to Choose a Crypto Wallet 

  • Factor 1: As long as you run a business, you’d better opt for a non-custodial wallet, as it ensures maximum security for your digital assets (hardware wallets are safer, however, they will not make you flexible). No one else will have your private keys.
    Our White Label Wallet is a great option in this respect, as it can serve as a non-custodial solution available as an Android/iOS app and a web-based wallet if you need it .
  • Factor 2: The more assets are available with your business crypto wallet, the better it is! With the Everchain White Label Wallet you can get quick assets to over 500 coins and tokens. More than that, we are able to swiftly integrate a new one if you need so.
  • Factor 3: Cryptocurrency conversion and exchange options. In the world of Web3, you need to proactively monitor all important developments and react accordingly. With the Everchain wallet, you will have access to 50K exchange pairs, fiat currencies via Visa and MasterCard, and price charts in real time.
  • Factor 4: Needless to say, crypto security is a top priority nowadays. We have tried to integrate as many safeguards as possible, including double bottoms, pin-codes, Touch ID and Face ID,  mnemonic phases, and  the capability ‘to restore wallets and generate new addresses for each transaction.’
  • Factor 5: Finally, to win more customers, you should not ignore the enormous popularity of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens might help you win more new customers and retain the old ones via digitized loyalty programs. 

Contact us to learn more about what the Everchain White Label Wallet can do for your business today!