The love affair between celebrities of various kinds and NFTs is growing. It is no surprise. Be it professional sports, music, or movies, celebrities want to be in the spotlight and capitalize on their fame. As for their fans, they value being connected with their idols. Collectibles and paraphernalia, both physical and digital, are a perfect way to do that. Today, we have decided some illustrative examples of such projects. 

Top-10 Collectors 

According to DappRadar, the list of the most precious celebrity NFT portfolios was as follows in May: 

  • Steve Aoki with $8.8 million
  • Snoop Dogg with $6.9 million
  • Alexis Ohanian with $3.5 million
  • Gary Vee with $2.9 million
  • Logan Paul with $1.5 million
  • Beeple with $823K 
  • Mark Cuban with $706K
  • Paris Hilton with $687K
  • Dillon Francis with $677K
  • Neymar with $666K

Top Celebrity NFT Market Players  

As shows, the list of prominent celebrities offering their NFT drops is also impressive. Note, there are some names from the previous list here as well! 

  • Snoop Dogg, a well-know fan of tech business, with his “A Journey with the Dogg”, “Nyan Dogg”, “The Doggies” collections 
  • Grimes offering the “WarNymph” collection 
  • Steve Aoki with his “Dream Catcher” drop
  • Steph Curry promoting virtual sneakers 
  • Paris Hilton, the legend of glamour, with “Planet Paris,”
  • 3LAU
  • Jay Chou
  • Ozzy Osbourne, the Great and Terrible Prince of Darkness, launched his CryptoBatz in early 2022
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Johnny Depp

This list can be continued with such names as Eminem, Boy George, Mike Tyson, Ellen DeGeneres, Messi, you name it. Very soon, any celebrity without at least one NFT drop might become an exception! And it is great for us as a team! The more popular NFTs there are, the more potential customers our White Label Wallet can win with our NFT features.