Evercode Lab keeps on tracking all the noteworthy trends and developments across all the dimensions of the crypto industry. This is what enables us to understand what crypto owners and investors need to deliver state-of-the-art solutions. As usual, we are delighted to share another selection of news today. 


Africa, as an entire continent, is gradually becoming a crypto champion. As Cointelegraph reports, the number of crypto transactions has grown significantly. Recently, it has increased by 2,670%! On top of that, as experts assure, this exponential growth is likely to continue!  


The local casinos in Malaysia may soon go crypto. At least, this is what its Communications and Multimedia Minister has recently said. There are few gambling establishments in the country. However, if the local authorities allow them to adopt this new policy, it will be one more step forward for the crypto-gambling sector. 


Crypto.com, a crypto exchange service from Singapore, is going to be an official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will be a great moment for the crypto industry! Together with gaming, gambling, show business, sports is a promising new frontier for crypto.


Two more amazing figures from Germany cited by Cointelegraph. As they cite, 44% of Germany’s population ‘feel ‘motivated to invest’ in crypto. In addition to that, 37% of Germany’s cryptocurrency investors have already been dealing with ‘cryptocurrencies for over a year.’ 


LG, a South Korean giant corporation, might soon start experimenting with crypto. As mass media report, these new directions are likely to cover ‘crypto assets trading, development and sales of blockchain-based software, and brokerage of crypto.’ We hope that South Korea will join the ranks of the leading crypto nations.