Crypto market is full of surprises, just like any other market. Highs and lows — generated by internal and external factors — may occur. And both those highs and lows generate innovations and new trends. Today, we would like to share a new digest of them.


The so-called ‘crypto winter’ is a major concern for many market players. At the same time, many of them, as Cointelegraph points out, this period can greatly contribute to a real tech boost. This is the opinion expressed by the father of ETH, Vitalik Buterin.

By the way, when will the winter end? As Cointelegraph cites, it is possible that the new BTC wave might start ‘after Bitcoin’s fourth halving.’ It is expected to take place in July 2024’.


CNBC highlights an obvious trend. Crypto companies keep on attracting top-notch IT talent with their vision of Web3. It seems that the promise of a new Internet based on ‘decentralized technologies.’ It is not only a matter of daring plans, it is also a matter of lucrative job offers. For instance, ‘Coinbase offers as much as $900,000 a year for software engineers.’


The wave of crypto adoption is not going to stop. Here is another piece of news from the US. financial players are “embarking or planning to embark on a crypto journey.’ As the Governor of Colorado announces, this state is going to ‘become the first state to accept cryptocurrency as payment for state taxes and fees.’


In spite of all the recent events, Yahoo Finance calls ‘digital assets’ a promising direction for retirement savings in one of its recent pieces. After all, most owners do hold cryptocurrencies as investments.’


Some more info from Coinbase to reflect on. As the CEO of that prominent exchange states, what we are dealing with is not a ‘crypto winter.’ More than that, he believes that ‘crypto winters’ are a thing of the past, ‘given the industry’s strong growth and momentum.’