The time has come for our crypto news digest. We offer you to check out some important news and trends of the crypto industry. As usual, we have tried something that can make you glad as crypto owners and investors!


The complicated story of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard results in surprising yet predictable consequences. Johnny’s collection of ETH-based non-fungible tokens has seen a significant increase in sales after the defamation trial against his ex-spouse. It seems like Mr. Depp is fully back on track again!


PayPal remains a crypto-friendly giant. A couple of years ago, this fintech platform opened itself to digital assets. Now it enables its end-users to transfer crypto, including BTC, to external wallets. 


Salesforce makes one more step towards crypto. It is about to launch ‘Salesforce NFT Cloud’ which is expected to function as a ‘no-code platform’ making it possible for users to ‘mint, manage and sell’ non-fungible tokens. As the company assumes, it will be a ‘turn to the future.’


PwC reveals that many hedge funds are planning to experiment with crypto assets. According to their recent survey, almost one third of ‘hedge funds that are not yet invested in digital assets’ intend to invest in them or are in a ‘late-stage planning’ stage. 


Another consulting giant, Deloitte, shares another inspiring figure. According to their recent ‘Merchants Getting Ready For Crypto’ survey, America’s retail market is fully prepared to adopt crypto payments. Three quarters, 75%, of ‘senior members of retail organisations’ state they ‘are eager to adopt digital currency payments for a variety of reasons.’

  • First, they believe they will improve their customer experience in this way.
  • Second, they assume crypto will enable them to win more customers. 
  • Third, crypto will refresh their brands, so that they look like ‘cutting-edge’ ones.