Not a single week without a digest of good news for the web3 industry from the Evercode team. We have already published some posts covering positive developments in a bearish market, e.g. the growth of blockchain gaming or sports-related NFTs. Now it is time for a new round! 


The Head of the Central African Republic announces an ambitious blockchain-based initiative! As the nation’s President, Mr. Touadéra, says his country is about to start developing its cryptocurrency, Sango, and creating a crypto-hud. Concerning the rationale behind this decision, the President reminds 57% of Africa’s population is still unbanked, has to cope with a lack of infrastructure, and, therefore, needs a new solution. In his opinion, it is all about having a smartphone and trading crypto. 


The Metaverse concept is attractive and lucrative when it comes to investment. As the McKinsey experts explain, as much as $120 billion has already been invested in this domain in 2022, so far, in comparison with $57 billion back in 2021.  


Whatever happens in the crypto market, Meta seems to be determined to introduce NFTs. Their new Fintech Head stresses that the tech giant hasn’t abandoned its far-reaching NFT plans. Quite the opposite, the corporation that people want to be ‘able to collect digital collectibles,’ while countless creators all over the world want to be capable of creating ‘virtual and digital goods’ to sell them. 


Reddit is experimenting with non-fungible tokens in a peculiar way. Their team is about to launch a special NFT-marketplace with avatars: their, redditors will be able to buy ‘blockchain-based profile pictures for a fixed rate!’ That is smart!


Coinbase is adding Solana (SOL) to their list of assets available for stacking. This step is in line with their plans to expand their stacking pool in 2022. By the way, staking of SOL is also available for the end-users of the Evertchain White Label Wallet, just in case.