This week, like any other week spent with crypto, has been full of news. Crypto is still a very young industry, so there are spaces and zones for numerous developments, projects, initiatives, highs, and lows. Today, the team of Evercode Lab is glad to share a new selection of headlines and stories we have found interesting and important! 


Fortune calls crypto scams the modern ‘social media’s latest crisis’ and cites the recent report published by the US Federal Trade Commission. According to it, one in four persons who lost their personal funds because of scams made that wrong decision on the basis of a social media ‘ad, a post, or a message.’ 

Scamming is certainly a pain in the neck. The sooner the industry learns how to deal with that problem, the better it is for legit companies. 

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In spite of the downward trends some people call a ‘crypto winter,’ web 3.0 is still a lucrative magnet for investments, as TechCrunch+ reports. Namely, ‘bets placed on blockchain-related startups will continue despite some wobbly indicators from the decentralized market.’

Well, it is one more reason to stay optimistic about the industry. You can add it to the list we have already mentioned in our previous post


Thailand takes a softer and friendlier stance towards crypto. This is what the recent decision made by the local tax authorities communicates: Thailand has abandoned its plans concerning ‘a 15% withholding tax on cryptocurrency transactions after facing pushback from the crypto industry.’

As experts point out, it is good both for the country and the crypto industry.


Now, there is one more official reason to take a closer look at Polkadot amidst various concerns about the environmental impact of crypto. According to a recent report, this digital asset ‘has the lowest total electricity consumption and total carbon emissions per year of the six so-called proof-of-stake blockchains.’ 

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Finally, here is a hot piece of news to reflect on? Do you love crypto and go on dates? Then you are lucky! Your digital assets definitely make you a more attractive candidate for a match in America. 

As CNBC says, a third of Americans would more readily go on a date with a person with crypto in their online dating app profiles. Why not? After all, crypto makes you look not only wealthy but also savvy and intelligent! 

Enjoy your fantastic dating rounds, crypto owners!