1. The founder of Tether, Paolo Ardoino, just dropped news about the integration of USDT on TON. He’s fully on board with bringing a stablecoin into the TON ecosystem, sticking to Telegram’s principles. Plus, Ardoino sees Durov’s messenger as a prime spot for spreading the word about cryptocurrency.

    Recently, Tether expanded two of its largest stablecoins onto the TON blockchain, with over 30 million U.S. dollars already circulating in the network.
  2. Pavel Durov shared insights into some of the plans already implemented and future prospects. Here’s the key highlight:
  • Telegram will actively support the implementation of cryptocurrencies into the users’ lives worldwide.
  • Telegram will add stickers and emojis in NFT format. The creators of these tokens will receive 95% of their revenue in royalties. Durov compared this to memecoins.
  • In Telegram, you can buy digital goods/services for crypto in TON and USDT. 100% of revenue goes to merchants.
  • Telegram will pay rewards to content creators (channels) up to 70% of advertising revenue, payments in TON.
  • The blockchain wallet will now be integrated into the messenger by default.
  1. Telegram Wallet has officially announced the ability to send dollars (USDT) to Telegram contacts instantly and without commission. USDT withdrawals to external TON wallets will be completely free until the end of June. At the same time, users of the” Wallet ” will be able to become members of the Bonus program for USDT holders, receiving 50% per annum on the balance.

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