The crypto market has seen better days. Indeed, the current situation is confusing and perplexing for many individuals and companies that are experimenting with crypto.
At the same time, any crisis might generate new opportunities. We have decided to post these considerations for those who are contemplating whether it is reasonable to play with crypto and enter the market now.

Bear Market and Its Advantages

We are dealing with a bear market, i.e. a situation where the prices of the chief digital assets are declining and have been declining for a considerable period of time.

While it does not communicate good vibes, Nasdaq has recently cited the following positive opinion:

  • First of all, obviously, bear markets provide a good opportunity to enter the crypto market ‘as most assets trade at a discount’.
  • Second, as long as one is ready to take some risks, bear markets are a perfect moment for ‘shorting assets as prices see large price drops.’
At the same time, to win under the current conditions, one should practice a long-term approach.
In addition, one more consideration was cited by Bloomberg not so long ago: ‘Bear markets are typically a great time to accumulate the coins you have long-term conviction in.’ In other words, ‘it’s a good time to strategize.