Many companies create mobile applications to scale their business, increase customer loyalty, and connection. If your business does not have yet a mobile app, you are missing out on a big chance to earn some extra money and keep your brand visible in the marketplace. The significance of mobile app development for business goes without saying, as more and more customers want to have instant access to their favorite goods and services. Evercode Lab has successfully developed the first version of the API for mobile applications of Foodfox (now Yandex.Food) – fast-food delivery service from local restaurants. Also, we created a functional user and administrative interface and integrated the service with the first restaurants. The service was launched in April 2016 and now Yandex.Food is available in 112 cities of Russia and cooperates with more than 14,000 restaurants. Moreover, our company has large experience in mobile app development, we help passionate entrepreneurs to build the best tech products.

Mobile app for business

How will the mobile app help your business?

There are numerous benefits of the mobile app, it helps to promote the business, you can scale your customer base through a timely notification and in-app pop-ups. Another way is to run a loyalty program, if you already have it, you just need to integrate it into an app. Having a mobile app will provide a high level of engagement with your customers, it means ensuring the visibility of your brand 24/7. You can also enable in-app purchases and offer great support service. Also, creating mobile apps allow your customers to give feedback, so you can get your business analytics easily.

What businesses need a mobile app?

So many people think that their business is already profitable and doesn’t need a mobile app but according to Global Digital Overview, there are 5.15 billion mobile phone users in the world by 2020. But how to understand that your business really needs a mobile app?

  • the majority of customers actively use mobile phones and enjoy downloading apps;
  • your audience is adapted to mobile Internet use;
  • you work in the field of trade and services;
  • you have a presence on social media;
  • you can calculate the profit and new customers who came through the app;
  • your budget implies the cost of creating the app;
  • you are ready to spend money on app promotion, analytics, and updates.

Don’t forget to ask yourself, what are your competitors doing?

Analyze whether your competitors have mobile apps and are they successful. Even if you see that mobile apps are not common in your sphere it doesn’t mean that ordering a mobile app won’t be profitable, look at it as a chance to stay ahead.

Creating a mobile app for business is a necessary venture that can highly increase your profit. The main areas where mobile apps are useful: taxi service, delivery service, carsharing, fitness center.

Who can’t create mobile apps?

For example, if you own a grocery store, your clients more likely don’t use mobile phones all the time and they live nearby. In this case, it’s better to try other types of promotion: roadside banners, distribution of fliers.

There are five essential steps of app development – business strategy, design, development, test, and maintenance. Create a business strategy and define your goals and business needs. Your app needs to solve the problem of your customers. Conduct market research, competitive analysis will identify your target audience.

There are 3 ways of creating a mobile app for your business – to do it by yourself, to hire app developers or freelancers. If you need a simple application with a small number of features, it’s possible to use an app builder (e.g. GoodBarber, Zoho Creator, App Factory, Bizness Apps).

Hire app developers

In this case, you can get exactly what you need at a fixed price. However, the process can take months. You have to find a reliable agency that worked on similar cases.

Hire freelancers

Usually hiring a freelancer is 20-30% less expensive than collaborating with an agency but if you hire multiple freelancers, the project can have teamwork challenges. Also, you will be dependent on their availability because usually, freelance developers work on many projects at the same time.

According to, less than one percent of mobile apps are successful. Lack of investments is the main reason for a breakdown. Many business owners ask themselves is it worth investing in mobile app development? We live in a digital world and a competitive environment. Regardless of your industry, the benefits of launching mobile apps for business are infinite, and investing in it is one of the most profitable deals that will keep your business open 24 hours a day. However, a mobile app may not help you achieve all your business goals but it can significantly improve sales and generate more revenue. If you have any questions left, please fill out the form below and Evercode Lab will offer you a free consultation.