Implementing new technologies in business requires courage and sufficient investments. However, in our digital world business process automation is necessary if you want to be more efficient and increase the profit of your company. In this guide, we will present how information technologies can boost customer loyalty, make the brand more visible, and enhance the marketing strategy. Integrating the right technology can dramatically change your business. Though the adoption of new technologies often means serious investments, there are numerous cost-saving solutions that will outweigh the initial costs.

To help you better understand what IT is capable of, we will focus on different business areas that were changed forever.

How to increase the company's profit using IT


In many ways, technology has changed and simplified education. Nowadays, it becomes more accessible than ever, there is no need to be physically present in the same place. There are multiple opportunities for learning online such as MOOC, online degree programs, online libraries, a massive amount of information (books, podcasts, videos). Students and teachers can collaborate through Google docs. Anyone working full-time can now choose a flexible time-table to get the education via Zoom or Moodle. Also, technology changed the traditional concept of education providing more interactive strategies. Online testing can be an excellent solution to save teachers time because the machine corrects the wrong answers automatically. All these measures prepare students for a technology-based world.

Evercode Lab has launched an online learning platform for teachers from different fields (education, beauty). EverCourse platform is designed for makeup training, tutoring, or organization of distance learning or courses.


The fitness industry is constantly adopting new technologies, choosing innovative products for their customers. For example, popular fitness devices like Apple Watch help to monitor users’ activities during the day. Social media changed gyms’ marketing strategies. If your business is related to the fitness area, there are multiple ways to scale it using high technologies. You can simply promote a fitness channel on Youtube/Facebook or Instagram but there is a better option of creating your own fitness platform or application (where users can set fitness goals, view calorie consumption, calories burned, heart rate, choose the class schedule and track the progress, etc). Another offer is the chatbot that can be used as a nutritional consultant, workout partner, coach. Take advantage of new technologies and give your customers the best experience.

Also, our EverCourse platform can be an ideal solution for the organization of online exercises. It has an intuitive and simple interface, a streamlined process of communication between teacher and student, the ability to create an individual training schedule, and many other features based on your requirements.


The healthcare industry changes every year. In this sphere, innovations are more important than anywhere. 3D printing helps to reproduce bones, it made prosthetics cheaper and more accessible. Technologies can automate and centralize many processes related to big data and updates of medical history. Also, remote monitoring saves a lot of time and money and today it’s possible to do it through a mobile app. For instance, telemedicine or telehealth became very popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has great potential to improve the entire healthcare system making it easier and more accessible.

Our company has created Evercode Online Medic – a service for online medical consultations (via video, audio call, or chat), advice on any issue, also, it includes a history of requests and diagnoses for each patient.


We cannot imagine the future of e-Commerce without emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Innovations can effectively help business owners to scale, for example, using virtual reality, customers can take a tour around a digital store, try on any clothes or makeup with a few clicks. The marketplace is another trend in e-Commerce, where you have two possibilities: use of the existing marketplace to sell your products (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress) or you can create your own niche platform.

We launched Evermarket – an online e-Commerce service that provides the buyer with a large selection of products (services) and offers to the sellers (suppliers) a competitive environment and new clients. Evercode Lab can offer you a solution for creating a marketplace and provide you with a software development team.


The popularity of cryptocurrency makes blockchain a must-have feature for business owners. This technology can also be used in traditional businesses as a payment method, providing encryption for international transactions, delivery service, etc. With the help of blockchain, you can get rid of intermediaries in the business and reduce costs.

One of the most successful products is Everchain White Label Wallet – non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets for tokens. Moreover, we created Everchain SDK — coin integration hub for non-custodial wallets.

Without a doubt, technological advances offer an infinite number of opportunities for businesses to be more efficient and profitable. However, it requires openness and readiness for new possibilities and tech-based ventures.

Our company has been on the market since 2011. During this time, we have managed to

implement several successful products, including:

  • fast-food delivery service – FoodFox (now Yandex.Food)
  • Atomic wallet – multi-currency crypto wallet
  • CRM system for Cadfem CIS
  • ESCAR system for nuclear power plants
  • OnDoc – personal health monitoring system,
  • TDCloud telemetry data collection system.

70% of our projects are focused on the international market. If you have any questions left or want to learn more about our products, leave your contacts for a free consultation.