There are many discussions raised up lately about both PHP disadvantages and it’s good parts. This post is not intended to be one in the series of those. Yes, we write code using PHP, it’s generally the biggest part of our work. But we do also write code in Python and Ruby. And basically, for us all of them are instruments. Which we use to satisfy our customers’ needs.

But today’s post is not about customers, it’s mostly for young fellows that just starting their way in the world of web programming. And I do know that a lot of them starting to play with code using PHP as a first language. By the way, it also might be useful to those ones with lots of experience. Just to remember the basics.

Last week or so, I finally put together a simple static site called “PHP Study Guide”. Today I just want to announce it here.


Originally PHP Study Guide was a small project that provided a step by step guide on the information needed to pass PHP5.3 ZCE certification:

For now, it aims to go a little bit beyond the Zend Certification and is a good place to start your experience with PHP5.3 or, if you are already an experienced web developer, to return to the basics and remember some details.


At the moment project is placed at and hosted on GitHub.Pages.


All content is assembled from different sources and tutorials.

Original guide was structured in Google Docs and then published as pdf.


Mainly project is done by me, Roma Lapin and supported by Evercode Lab.


As the project is hosts on Github you are always welcome to contribute. You’ll find some details in README. Also, feel free to comment and share your ideas here or ping me or my colleagues in other available places.

For advanced topics and best practices, please, also consider to take a look at new, awesome and promising project PHP The Right Way by Josh Lockhart with some support of PHP community.

In general, don’t stop learning and continue to be awesome.