As some of you might have already noticed this fall we updated our own site to better reflect who we are and what we are doing. Somehow this fact was not reported here, in our blog, until now. It’s obviously the time to change this.

First of all, just go and check it out – new and shiny Evercode Lab site.

Like it? I hope you do, cause we love it from header to footer 🙂 Now I’ll give you some more details.

  • Our first Evercode Lab site was launched in September 2011 and didn’t had much information but played its role just fine
  • Design for the new site was presented to us as a gift for our company birthday by Denis Foster who is also the author of our logo and first site.
  • Site is written in Symfony 2.1 and for a long time (before design) was an experimental place for us.
  • Yes, it is just one big page with everything.
  • Currently, it’s translated into Russian and English. We’re thinking about adding a couple more languages.
  • We have short information on our services, list of main clients and portfolio.
  • Also, twitter and latest blog posts are here.
  • We dropped the “www” part of the URL. Who needs it nowadays?
  • We use HTTP Cache and Symfony2 Reverse Proxy for caching.
  • We use several popular bundles to ease up and not reinventing the wheel.
  • Also, we are thinking about making its code open on GitHub for everyone as an example Symfony2 app. Please, let us know if you find it interesting.
  • Not all features and information is already there but we’ll add them later.
  • If you find any bugs or mistakes, feel free to contact us using any method you like. We’ll be thankful.
  • No animals were hurt during development (not sure for design).

So, you’ve got the point we are happy to have this new site 🙂